About Us


Thetutors.pk assume that if someone invest in studies he or she will get better return of that investment. We help students to search the best tutor in their area.We want their bright future so that they can achieve their goals.Their dreams are our dreams.If student want to achieve higher grades in studies then we are here to help them.We have set this platform for parents who take care of their child study.We believe all the students and tutors will get benifits from our site.

Our purpose is to connect tutors and students

Our site create oppourtunities for tutors who can serve their skills at thetutors.pk.We had started this site for overcome the difficulties such like If some one had hired home tutor and they had no trust on tutor because the academy in which that tutor is registered doesn't exist.One more claws is that In case of local academies , you don't have any option for selecting tutor according to your requirements so that's why we have set up this platform to give ease to students and parents so that they can find a home tutor which suits them best.

Benifits for Tutors
  • Local academies charge 70% commission from first fee but The tutors academy charge 50% commission from first fee.
  • The tutors can find all tuitions according to their area of service in their (Tutor) panel.
  • If any student search for tutors within your area , your profile will shown on search page.