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Eyelid surgery


This surgical procedure is also known as blepharoplasty that treats droopy eyes in various ways, like removing excess muscle, fat, and skin. This procedure deals with the eyelids' appearance and also modifies your look that enhances your aesthetic beauty. Due to the age factor, your eyelids become droopy and saggy because of the weakened supporting muscles. Consequently, unnecessary fat accumulates around the area of your eyelids that make them saggy and droopy.

As age increases, the elasticity of muscles affects that cause the puffiness of eyelids, so this surgical procedure helps you to remove the bulges and extra fold of the skin.



The numbing medication will inject into the eyelids by the surgeon at the beginning of the surgery. The surgeon will start from the upper eyelids if you have surgery on both eyelids. He will remove the extra muscle fat and skin by cutting the fold of an eyelid. After removal, the surgeon will close the cut.

As far as lower lid concerns, a cut will make by the surgeon just beneath the lashes in the natural crease of your eye. Then he will reorganize or remove the extra muscle, skin, or fat. After removal or redistribution, the surgeon will close the cut.





This surgical procedure offers a lot of advantages, and here is a list of some benefits that you will get after blepharoplasty;

·         It reduces the sagginess and puffiness of the eyelids.

·         It gives you a more younger look.

·         It removes extra skin and fat that cause the droopiness of eyelids.

·         It also improves the vision as the excess skin that surrounds your eye minimizes the peripheral vision.


Risks and complications

Besides the benefits, there are some risks and complications that are associated with this surgery. You should take them into account and take proper measures to reduce the risks. Here is a list of some risks that are linked with eyelid surgery;

·         You may feel blur vision temporarily, but it can be permanent if the surgery will not be done with efficiency; similarly, you may experience damage of tissue or muscle so try to visit an experienced and qualified surgeon to ensure the successful completion of your surgery.

·         You may suffer from infection or bleeding if you do not take care properly.

·         Difficulty in closing and opening eyes and dryness in eyes is another complication of this surgical procedure.

·         Sometimes skin discoloration may happen, and the scar lasts longer than usual.



To avoid any prolonged recoveries and risks, you need to contact an efficient, qualified, and registered surgeon. However, to speed up your recovery process, you have to follow all the instructions given by your doctor, such as

·         Avoid rubbing your eyes and smoking.

·         Do not use contact lenses until you get permission from your doctor.

Take the prescribed medicine regularly to avoid pain and use ointment or eyedrops as per doctor’s recommendation. Additionally, if you feel any unusual symptoms visit your doctor immediately. And try to do rest as much as you can for a healthy recovery process.