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Tuba maqsood
23yr, Female 12,000/Month
Qualif Bachelors
Exp 3yrs
Classes Primary, secondary, matric, fsc med
Subjects All, english, urdu, science, islamiyat, pak studies, history, biology, biology
Sumama Khan
23yr, Male 40/Month
Qualif Bachelor of Legal Studies
Exp 3yrs
Classes Matric
Subjects English, math, science, physics, chemistry, sociology
Muhammad Shaher...
26yr, Male 40,000/Month
Qualif M. B. B. S
Exp 3yrs
Classes Fsc med, matric, o level
Subjects English, urdu, pak studies, biology, english, urdu, islamiyat, pak studies, biology, english, urdu, islamiyat, pak studies, biology
Nargis perveen
28yr, Female 1,500/Month
Qualif Bachelor in commerce
Exp 3yrs
Classes Secondary
Subjects Urdu, math, pak studies
Fatima Tahir
19yr, Female 45,000/Month
Qualif Completed O-level with 7A*s and 2As, A-Level with AAB, and currently completing Undergraduate Degree at Habib University
Exp 3yrs
Classes O level, secondary, a level
Subjects Math, islamiyat, pak studies, biology, physics, chemistry, math, science, islamiyat, psychology, psychology
Leema Ram
19yr, Male 15,000/Month
Qualif Bachelor
Exp 3yrs
Classes Ics, primary, secondary, matric
Subjects Math, computer, stat, all, english, math, science, computer, math, chemistry, computer
Alveena Muti
25yr, Female 15,000/Month
Qualif MS Biomedical Science
Exp 3yrs
Classes A level
Subjects English, urdu, science, biology, chemistry
24yr, Male 10,000/Month
Exp 3yrs
Classes Ics
Subjects Computer
Ume kalsoom
20yr, Female 5,000/Month
Qualif HafizaQuran
Exp 3yrs
Classes Primary, primary
Subjects All, all, all, all
Muhammad Bilal
25yr, Male 20/Month
Qualif Master in Economics (business studies, math)
Exp 3yrs
Classes O level
Subjects All
23yr, Female 2,000/Month
Qualif Graduation
Exp 3yrs
Classes Matric
Subjects English, urdu, islamiyat, pak studies, computer
Adeel Ahmd
26yr, Male 12,000/Month
Qualif Bs zoology
Exp 3yrs
Classes Matric, secondary
Subjects Pak studies, biology, science, geography, biology
nawaz ahma
39yr, Male 17,000/Month
Qualif Mcs & Mphil
Exp 9yrs
Classes Ics, fsc eng, matric, o level
Subjects All, all, all, english, urdu, math, physics, chemistry
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samra Ali
33yr, Female 12,000/Month
Qualif MSC
Exp 9yrs
Classes Primary, secondary, matric, ics, o level, a level
Subjects All, all, all, all, math, biology, physics, chemistry, commerce, math, physics, chemistry
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mahwish azeem
34yr, Male 12,000/Month
Qualif bed ACCA
Exp 10yrs
Classes Primary, secondary, matric, i com, o level
Subjects All, all, english, urdu, math, physics, chemistry, all, stat, economics, business study, commerce
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